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Why do I need a website?
Having a website creates new avenues of custom for your company, as potential clients donít have to be walking past your premises or bump into one of your staff to find out who you are or what you do Ė your advert is available to visitors in all parts of the world, and creates new opportunities for business in markets you could never have previously reached.

How do we decide what we need from a website?
In liaison with you, we can help advise and propose what website elements could be beneficial to your business.

How quickly can you create sites?
Typically, we can turn around small sites within a fortnight of receiving all content and imagery. Larger builds may take a little longer, but generally it doesnít take us longer than six to eight weeks for relatively complicated builds, fully designed to incorporate SEO, e-commerce and and be listed in the search engines at your time of launch.

What sectors have you developed websites in?
Software, advertising, clothing, education, property, furniture, music, sport and more.

What technologies do you develop with?

Can you help us to market our website?
Yes! Using our expertise in internet marketing, we can promote your website online to new and existing customers. We also help promote clients through regular news articles and newsletters.

How do you accept payment?
Payments can be accepted via BACs or cheque.

What are your usual terms of payment?
New clients will be typically be asked for a 50% deposit of the initial project fee, with remaining installments structured against various milestones. We are happy to offer more generous terms to long-term clients.

Are there any extra charges once my site is built?
Unless you want alterations to be made, your site wonít incur any extra design/development charges once it has been launched. It is likely, however, that you will want us to host your site, which will incur an annual fee for our highly reliable service. Some clients also opt for after-sales support packages depending on the complexity of the website.

How is content updated once a site has been launched?
Provided you have signed up for a package which includes a CMS, you can easily update areas of your site that you require control over. If you opt for one of our basic site packages, we can make simple content alterations for a small fee.

Can you provide email hosting?
We can provide e-mail accounts to match your website name if desired. We are also able to host websites separately from existing company e-mail setups.

Do you charge VAT?
VAT is billed at the standard rate. Our VAT Registration is No. 939 7068 75.
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