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Facebook Page Tips

9th June 2015
Many businesses like to manage their own Facebook pages, so we've put together five tips that should help you out.

1. Frequency & Scheduling
Reminding your followers of your presence is important, but at the same time be careful not to overdo it. If you post too frequently, particularly if you're promoting sales or discounts, then people can start regarding it as spam and may unfollow you. Most small businesses shouldn't need to post more than 2-3 times a week, but this will vary.

When updating your page it can be tempting to post all your recent news items at once, but this isn't an effective way to manage pages and many posts may not end up on peoples timelines. Use Facebook's handy scheduling tool to break up when your posts will actually be published, while still allowing you to create several at once.

2. Quality Content
With engaging content you gain the interest of your followers and ensure they pay attention to your posts rather than simply scanning over them. Try to keep posts short and snappy, and include suitable imagery or video where possible.

Your area of business may dictate the tone and style of your posts, but try to avoid being dull. Ensure you use good grammar and check your spelling so your posts look professional.

3. Website Links
By linking your post to your website you can boost your traffic and better engage users once they click through as they are exclusively on your platform - you're not fighting for visibility with dozens of other posts on a timeline.

Pasting a relevant website link will also load up Facebook's auto-suggestion function, which can help automatically pull in descriptions and images from your web page.

4. Tracking Progress
You have two main ways of tracking the impact of your Facebook posts - via Facebook's own Page Insights area and through your own website analytics package.

Facebook's Page Insights area will display post reach statistics and engagement statistics. Website analytics packages such as Google Analytics can tell you how many visitors have ended up on your website via Facebook and how well they engage with your site.

5. Handling Feedback
Posting great content is all well and good, but arguably the main benefit of Facebook is the ease with which you can create conversions with your followers.

When followers post questions or comments, be sure to provide them with a response. It could be a short and simple "Thanks for your feedback" if they're just sharing a positive experience, or you may need to respond to queries or any negative comments.

As always, ensure you remain professional at all times and if you think certain queries are best discussed privately then you may want to invite people to call, email or direct message you.

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