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The Importance Of Ecommerce

7th October 2010
No matter how great or small your company claims to be, there is one thing you have to offer if your primary purpose is to sell multiple quantities of retail items – an ecommerce shop.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an industry giant like Tesco offering everyday essentials or a one-man band selling paintings from a village location, if you’re in retail, you have to ensure you can sell to whoever wants to buy. And if your customer is in Bury but you’re in Bournemouth, it’s imperative that you can come up with a solution.

The good news is that the internet has now blurred the boundaries of accessibility, and provided you’ve got the scope to sell the products people want to buy at the price they want to pay online, it makes no difference whether your base is in Bury, Bulgaria or Bogota – you just need to allow the customer to buy with confidence.

That’s where Devto’s expertise comes in. We keep ourselves at the cutting edge of internet technology to ensure that our shopping carts are safe, reliable and look professional.
Ecommerce Internet Sales as a PercentageStatistics display that ecommerce revenues as a percentage of total business are increasing significantly year on year.

Source: Office For National Statistics, E-commerce and ICT activity 2008.
Because your company may not be particularly well known to anyone who hasn’t met you or visited your premises, you have to build a level of trust with your customers via nothing more than a combination of words, photos and good quality coding.

The good news is that Devto know how to make those combinations spring to life and assume the virtual face of the company you’ve worked hard to develop in physical terms.

It all boils down to ensuring that your ecommerce option is as trustworthy as it can be. Just little things like ensuring the shopping cart displays in a uniform fashion in every browser or ensuring that a re-assuring ‘waiting’ or ‘hold’ message comes up at different stages throughout the sales process, we’ll go the extra mile to make sure that your online shop works as robustly as you’d hope from any of the big online players like Amazon or Play.

With ecommerce revenues increasing solidly year on year, and accounting for an ever increasing share of total business revenues, now is the time to act. Call us on 0845 680 9794 or use the contact form to ask us any questions you like regarding ecommerce.

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