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Telsolutions Ltd

Telsolutions Ltd
About Telsolutions Ltd
TelSolutions Ltd help blue chip companies to get their message to clients easily and efficiently via modern communication methods such as SMS and voicemail. The London-based company also boasts a support office in Birmingham.
The established company already enjoyed a web presence, but felt it could be improved, hence Devto were called upon to improve their offering.

Providing a clear and concise layout, the new site features in-depth guides to the services the company provides, and allows for users to register their information in order to download documents detailing some of Telsolution's products.

Furthermore, we also created a web application that offers cutting edge communication to match the service they offer in this field. It handles incoming SMS messages and can use any data gathered to generate reports and downloads that clients can utilise to their own benefit. They can also schedule automated reports via email and set up outbound response messages.
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