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A local site for local people

A local site for local people

25th February 2010
The theme of our latest development is all about ‘keeping it local’ as we publish the results of a development in conjunction with an innovative north west company.

Insurance and Legal Services Ltd of Blackpool have asked us to work on the concept of a site that connects brokers and businesses so that those needing physical or legal assistance can quickly and efficiently source a reputable business in their locality to help resolve their problems.

Visitors to the site can easily find insurance brokers or relevant businesses in their area by simply typing their post code into the site’s relevant search facilities, with each area of the site segmented in a straightforward fashion to help find plumbers, roofers, personal injury claims specialists or various other professional services.

The powerful site provides a wide range of indispensible tools to those needing to use the admin area, with easy-to-use functions allowing them to update records, manage on-site advertisements and source search traffic without the need for extensive training or online expertise.

Find out how it all works by taking a look at
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