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Hat Trick for Devto

Hat Trick for Devto

29th June 2010
We’ve had no time to hang about and spend the whole of the past month watching wall-to-wall football on TV, as we’ve been too busy taking our chances and scoring a stunning hat-trick during the World Cup.

With all eyes on South Africa, Devto have quietly and efficiently made a whole host of new signings ready to have their talents showcased on the world stage, as we transform their visions into reality.

Lealta are one of the star signings this month, with the reward card specialists seeking our assistance to implement a system that’s more successful than Capello’s and can help them to be more efficient and cost-effective. Their partners include companies like Asda, B&Q and Cadburys, so it’s quite a coup for us to have got them in the bag.

Next on the team sheet are Tutors Inc. Based in the north west, the aim of this new project is to help put keen learners in touch with tutors who can help to offer extra support outside regular curriculum hours. We’ll be creating them a website to target all those who want to put extra time into their studies.

Helping us to take home the match ball is a deal with Bernard Dickinson. The family firm has just celebrated an astonishing 50 years of providing home entertainment systems, and have enlisted our help to ensure their website is restored to full fitness. It goes to show how long the company has been competing and prospering when you consider that England were actually good enough to win the World Cup while they were still a fledgling firm!

Welcome to all three new recruits. We’re confident that you’ll all be winners by being on Devto’s side.
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