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Mawdesley United FC Sponsorship

Mawdesley United FC Sponsorship

23rd April 2010
Though Devto may be a relatively young company, that doesnít mean we can't enjoy a good anniversary celebration or two!

That's why the company decided to act when we heard that Mawdesley United Football Club didnít have any playing kit for their tenth anniversary fixture Ė a long awaited match-up with their first ever opponents, Leyland St Maryís, a decade to the day since the side first took to the pitch. Devto sponsored a set of commemorative t-shirts to ensure the side nicknamed 'the Cows' enjoyed a fresh new look for their first fixture in four years Ė even if their football didnít quite match the standards given some understandable rustiness after such a long break!

Playing at Bolton Arena, in the shadows of the imposing Reebok Stadium, founder Robert Bethell and marketing consultant Adrian Ward were part of the Mawdesley team that were right in the contest until the final five minutes, when two late goals ensured a 5-2 victory for Leyland St Maryís.

Mawdesley United Versus Leyland St. Marys

But despite defeat, the biggest victory was that Devto helped to bring so many long-lost team mates back together, and plans are already underway for a re-match prior to the forthcoming 2010/11 football season to help rekindle the friendships of old.
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