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New Website for Film Locations

New Website for Film Locations

31st January 2013
In just a few months' time, there's every chance that you'll sit down in front of the TV, switch over to a new drama, and get a sudden sense of déjà vu. At least that's what we predict will happen if you navigate to one of our latest developments, Film Locations.

Film Locations

Film Locations has been set up with the intention of showcasing the wide variety of venues in this country that can assist in the production of film or TV recordings, as well as putting you into contact with the right people to get the job done as part of a handy directory of industry professionals - have a play with the search tool to see what you can find.

We've put together a site that has given the client heavy scope to control images, downloads and lots of handy little extras through the CRM system, allowing them to provide a service that is as striking and up-to-date as you'd expect from an organisation helping to create the very latest entertainment. Visit to learn more.
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